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Soap Dispenser Extension Tube Kit - No More Difficult Refills!

Soap Dispenser Extension Tube Kit - No More Difficult Refills!

Soap Dispenser Extension Tube Kit - No More Difficult Refills!

It's nice having the little built-in soap dispenser next to the kitchen sink, but trying to refill it is usually a nightmare. Refilling from the top takes forever and then ALWAYS overflows everywhere or straining to reach way under the sink just to unscrew and refill the little soap reservoir and then trying to re-screw it back into place is even worse. The better solution is this cool new Soap Dispenser Extension Tube Kit from Never-MT. Instead of refilling a little, hard to reach bottle, this kit extends the soap dispenser tube down into a big economy-sized bottle of your favorite soap... that you probably store under the sink already. It includes 3 feet of tubing, multiple caps that fit most bottles, an in-line check valve to keep the soap primed, and hook and loop securing straps. Seriously, this is one of those simple things that just improve the world forever.

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  • Never-MT Soap and Lotion Dispenser Conversion Kit
  • NO MESSY REFILLING through the top. No more reaching under the sink.
  • Never fill the little bottle supplied with your sink dispenser again
  • Attaches to your dispenser's pump and draws soap directly from your family size soap container in your base cabinet!
  • Includes multiple caps to fit most soap and lotion containers
  • When your economy size soap container is empty, replace it with your next container
  • Includes: 3 feet of tubing, in-line check valve, multiple caps, hook and loop securing strap, hardware, and simple installation instructions.
  • Fits most brands of through the counter liquid soap and lotion dispensers

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