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Germ Eliminating Knife Block

Germ Eliminating Knife Block

Germ Eliminating Knife Block

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Does cutlery become extra unclean while it waits patiently in the knife block? Well, if you think so, the Germ Eliminating Knife Block is the perfect solution to quell your germophobic fears. It uses UV-C light to eliminate 99.99% of food bacteria, viruses and pathogens like salmonella, listeria, and staphylococcus from your knives in 20 seconds to help prevent cross contamination and other food-borne illnesses. Simply rinse your knives, place them in the block and the heat from the ultraviolet bulb dries them during the sterilization process. The block has 5 slots to accommodate a chef's, serrated, boning, and pairing knives and a wide opening that holds kitchen shears or a honing steel. Now if they only made a germ eliminating cutting board...hmmm

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