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Mathusalem Champagne Saber

Mathusalem Champagne Saber

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Want to open a Champagne bottle like Napoleon did after every victory AKA in the coolest way possible? Then grab this cool new Mathusalem Sommelier Champagne Saber, a bottle of chilled Champagne, and slide the unsharpened stainless steel blade down the neck along the seam until it strikes the rim to break the bottle open safely in a majestic blast. It features a Cocobolo wooden handle, a mirror-polished stainles steel knife guard, and comes in a wooden presentation case. Perfect for any over-the-top New Year's Eve party or just after any victorious battle in which you and your army try to conquer the world.

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Mathusalem Champagne Saber
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Mathusalem Champagne Saber
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Mathusalem Champagne Saber
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Mathusalem Champagne Saber
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Mathusalem Champagne Saber
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Mathusalem Champagne Saber
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Mathusalem Champagne Saber
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Mathusalem Champagne Saber
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Mathusalem Champagne Saber
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