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Microplane Cut-Resistant Kitchen Gloves

Microplane Cut-Resistant Kitchen Gloves

It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when will you severely cut yourself slicing and dicing with knives or handling other sharp tools in the kitchen. The simple solution is to wear these cool new Microplane Cut-Resistant Kitchen Gloves and enjoy a little peace-of-mind.

These seamless, lightweight and elastic gloves have an incredibly fine steel core woven into synthetic yarns to help protect your hands from injury. They fit either hand, have long cuff guards to protect the wrist, are heavily reinforced and won't become loose even after multiple washings. They aren't entirely puncture-proof, just cut-resistant to protect against cuts, scratches, nicks and scrapes while cooking. You should obviously still proceed with caution when handling any sharp objects.

Whether you are young or old, amateur or professional or careless or careful, these safety gloves will provide that extra peace-of-mind in the kitchen. Why take chances with your hands when chopping up vegetables, using cheese graters or thinly slicing on a mandolin? You just know you'll miss eventually and you won't have a finger left to point in blame.


  • Protect your hands when you work closely with sharp kitchen tools
  • Seamless, cut-resistant wire-free knit with an incredibly fine steel core
  • Heavily reinforced with an elastic material and the long cuff guards the wrist
  • Fits either hand
  • Machine washable, drip dry
  • FDA compliant for food contact

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