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Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife

Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife

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I have the worst time slicing tomatoes. I don't have the right kind of knife and if I don't focus and go slow, I might as well mash it through a garlic press. I just can't believe the "delicate" tomato can barely be cut with a razor sharp blade. Well, I'm tired of this hassle every time I want to enjoy a simple salad. These stupid impenetrable tomatoes are about to meet their match. I have found the ultimate tomato knife.

The Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife is the perfect knife for slicing tomatoes/cheese and other vegetables. This knife has a no-nonsense 6-inch high-carbon stainless steel blade with a partially serrated edge for precision slicing and pronged at the tip for picking up slices while serving. The blade also has a special fluorinated resin coating to prevent sticking and to resist corrosion from acidic foods. The whole knife is red like a tomato and this is important because the distinctive color prevents cross-use and cross-contamination among different foods. The knife is finished off with a comfortable and ergonomic translucent handle. If that's not the coolest tomato slicing knife, I don't know what is. It even comes with a countertop caddy to keep it close by and ready to go. It's time to put an end to this ridiculous tomato frustration forever.

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Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife
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Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife
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Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife
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Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife
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Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife
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Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife
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Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife
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Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife
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Pure Komachi Stainless-Steel Tomato Knife
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