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Natural Peanut Butter Hand Mixer

Natural Peanut Butter Hand Mixer

Natural Peanut Butter Hand Mixer

If you love natural, non-hydrogenated, non-sugar-sludge peanut butter like me, you also know that it can be quite a chore to whip it into shape before enjoying it. After opening a new jar of natural peanut butter, you will quickly notice that not only has the oil completely separated and need to be stirred back in, but that it's also really hard and messy to actually mix it back in. The ultimate tool for solving this dilemma is to use the Natural Peanut Butter Hand Mixer. This innovative and cool new kitchen contraption easily stirs non-hydrogenated natural peanut butter in its original container without splashing any oil.

Simply unscrew the lid from the peanut butter jar, screw the Peanut Butter Mixer lid on in its place and slide the mixer and handle through the lid opening. Now you can easily stir away until it reaches the perfect desired consistency. When ready, just slide the rod back out the way it came and the gasket in the lid opening will conveniently remove all the peanut butter from the rod. Unscrew and remove the Peanut Butter Mixer lid, pull out the easy to clean liner and screw the original lid back on. Voila! You have now had a perfect natural peanut butter mixing experience with no mess and no hassle.

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  • Designed to fit most 16 oz. peanut butter jars
  • Easily stirs non-hydrogenated peanut butter in its original container without splashing oil
  • Mixes with almost no effort and almost no cleaning
  • Cleans the mixing rod upon removal from the jar
  • 3\" diameter lid

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