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Chef'n Herb Wand - Herbal Basting Brush

Chef'n Herb Wand - Herbal Basting Brush

Chef'n Herb Wand - Herbal Basting Brush

The cool new Chef'n Herb Wand lets you use actual woody herbs like rosemary or thyme as a basting brush to add a whisper of aromatic herbal flavor when spreading sauce, oil, or butter to roasted meats and vegetables. Just take the herbs and twist them into the wand to lock into place, fill the included ceramic tray with oil, baste away, and when finished, you only need to clean the wand itself. I guess you could just hold the herbs yourself to do this, but the extended wand keeps your hands safely away from the heat and the oil tray doubles as a holder and drip catcher. Unique.

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  • Use with woody herbs such as rosemary and thyme to spread sauces, oils or butter
  • Insert herbs into wand and twist and lock into place - fill tray with oil or sauce
  • Long white nylon handle keeps hands away from heat
  • Durable white, ceramic dish holds the herb wand and neatly contains drips
  • Small knobs at the end of the handle keep the wand from rolling when you set it down
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Size: 9.5" L

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