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Egg Cracker - Easily Separate an Egg from its Shell

Egg Cracker - Easily Separate an Egg from its Shell

No matter how hard I try, I never get any better at cracking open an egg. There's always a bit of shell no matter how hard, soft or gently I crack it open. Never one to give up in my quest for a shell-free breakfast, it's time to bring some high-tech help, the Egg Cracker.

The Egg Cracker is a cool new kitchen gadget that neatly and cleanly separates the egg white and yolk from that evil eggshell. Simply insert an egg into the Egg Cracker, tap on the counter and voila, it all drops out shell-free. Cool invention.

Cool Tip:

To remove bits of eggshell after cracking an egg, don't use a fork or your fingers, use the one half of the eggshell to easily scoop it out. It cuts right through better than any other tool.

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