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KitchenQue - Indoor Stovetop Smoker

KitchenQue - Indoor Stovetop Smoker

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If you don't have a conventional smoker or grill outside or maybe you don't want to mess around with using wood chips on your grill or maybe you just want to infuse foods with smoky flavor without ever having to step outside, especially on bad weather days, then check out this cool new KitchenQue from Charcoal Companion. This convenient stovetop smoker lets you cook and add delicious smoky flavor to brisket, ribs, seafood, chicken, appetizers, vegetables, pizza, and more right in your very own kitchen. It works on most stovetops including natural gas, propane, electric, and induction, reaches up to 400 degrees F, has a built-in thermometer, and a drip tray opening for refilling the wood chips. To use, simply spread the included hickory InstaSmoke superfine wood chips (other wood flavors available) across the base pan, place the drip pan and grate on top of that, put your food on the grate, cover, and follow recommended cooking times. Perfect for cooking and smoking foods at the same time or just adding a smoky flavor finish to foods that you've already cooked.

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KitchenQue - Indoor Stovetop Smoker
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KitchenQue - Indoor Stovetop Smoker
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KitchenQue - Indoor Stovetop Smoker
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