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Ooni Koda 16 - Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Bakes in Only 60 Seconds!

Ooni Koda 16 - Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Bakes in Only 60 Seconds!

Ooni Koda 16 - Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Bakes in Only 60 Seconds!

Forget trying to choke down cheap frozen pizzas or waiting for the pizza delivery dude to drop off an average (at best), over-priced pie and just bake your own gourmet, stone-baked pizzas at home in mere seconds when you fire up this cool new Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven. This extra-wide, portable pizza oven allows you cook up homemade pizzas in only 60 seconds. Just connect the oven to propane, hit the ignition button, wait for it to pre-heat up to an infernal 932°F, just like an authentic wood-fired pizza oven, slide in your pizza, and in one minute you'll be sinking your teeth into a crispy, bubbling hot pizza slice. It's not only great for making restaurant-quality pizzas, it can also be used to cook up seared steaks, roast chickens, vegetables, apple pies, flatbreads, and more. It's perfect for backyard pizza parties (let everyone make their own creations), tailgating, picnics, the beach, camping, and more. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • Cook world-class stone-baked pizzas in your own backyard in just 60 seconds
  • Cook Neapolitan style pizza in just 60 seconds
  • Portable outdoor oven is sized to bake a 16" pizza and uses super-easy gas ignition to turn on the heat
  • Reaches authentic pizza oven temperatures of up to 932°F in 25 minutes and cooks authentic wood-fired-tasting pizza in just 60 seconds
  • Extra-thick cordierite baking stone locks in heat, cooking crusts to perfection
  • Compatible with propane and natural gas (natural gas conversion kit, sold separately, required)
  • Just connect this gas pizza cooker to a propane tank, turn the dial and you're cooking
  • Extra-wide to bake 16" pizza and large dishes such as meat, fish, stews, vegetables and flatbread; also ideal for focaccia, calzones and naan
  • Waterfall-effect flame distribution cooks food evenly and efficiently
  • Built-in flame keeper directs flame toward food
  • Innovative L-shaped flame for an efficient, consistent heat
  • Insulated, powder-coat steel shell for superior heat-retention and weather-resistance
  • Open front for quick access and easy monitoring
  • COMPACT: Fits in any outdoor space
  • FAST: ready to cook in 20 minutes
  • HOT: heats to 932ºF (500ºC)
  • EASY: No assembly, built-in gas ignition
  • Adjust the heat control knob to cook all your outdoor favorites
  • Makes seared steak, roast chicken and vegetables to apple pie, and fruit crisps
  • 3 legs keep oven stable on any surface
  • Legs fold up for storage and transport
  • Perfect for outdoor pizza parties, picnics, camping, and tailgating
  • No chimney required
  • Cooking Surface: 17" square
  • Size: 23.5" sq x 13.75" H

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