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Solo Stove Pi - Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Solo Stove Pi - Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Solo Stove Pi - Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Skip the gut filler frozen pizzas and barely better fast food pizza delivery chains and cook up your very own gourmet, wood-fired pizza right at home in just minutes with this cool new yet quite hot Solo Stove Pi. Solo Stove, the maker of the smokeless fire pits, has now created a sleek stainless steel portable outdoor pizza oven with dual fuel capabilities that can cook a homemade 12 inch pizza in only 2 minutes. This wood-fired pizza oven can also be upgraded to use propane fuel with an optional gas burner to make it even quicker and more convenient to cook pizzas and it features demi-dome construction to direct the rising heat down to evenly heat the wall-to-wall cordierite pizza stone and self-sustaining circular airflow to create an ultra-hot air pocket around the pizza. It's perfect for pizza parties, tailgating, or just anytime you crave a bubbling hot, crispy crust gourmet pizza... like I'm feeling right about now! Check out the video below to see it in action. 🍕

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  • Pi is a stand-alone, portable pizza oven designed for an efficient and fun cooking experience for everyone
  • Enjoy a relaxed approach to the timeless craft of pizza making
  • Cook a 12 inch pizza in just two minutes
  • Dual Fuel: wood-fired or propane-fueled (optional attachment) flames
  • Demi-Dome construction directs rising heat down to evenly heat the wall-to-wall pizza stone for a consistently heated cooking surface
  • Circular flow of air is self-sustaining. Every time you launch a pizza, it's entering an ultra-hot air pocket, helping to evenly cook it in a couple minutes or less
  • Solo Stove Signature Airflow and Demi Dome Construction creates enhanced convection bake after bake
  • Incorporates the same engineering principles of Solo Stove's camp stoves and fire pits to create high heat optimal for cooking the perfect pizza
  • Demi Dome construction designed for capturing, keeping, and transferring heat so you can have good moments without interruption
  • Optimized for heat distribution and minimal heat loss
  • Two porous cordierite stone halves stretch the entire length of Pi's inner chamber providing wall-to-wall coverage.
  • All-over ceramic insulation and a porous yet durable cordierite pizza stone
  • Demi-dome construction and panoramic opening makes maneuvering, launching pizzas, and fueling your fire as simple as setting the table
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 20.5" Diameter x 15.125" He: - 30.5 lbs

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