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Boska Oslo+ Curved Pizza and Cheese Knife

Boska Oslo+ Curved Pizza and Cheese Knife

Boska Oslo+ Curved Pizza and Cheese Knife


This cool new Boska Oslo+ is a gigantic stainless steel curved blade with oak handles on each end (a mezzaluna) that allows you to make quick work of slicing up a pizza or cutting through hard cheeses in the most dramatic way possible. To use this two-handed cutter, just use a rocking motion to cut through pizzas and cheeses with ease and efficiency. Perfect for cheesemongers, pizza lovers, or anyone who enjoys entertaining hungry guests with a bit of exuberance. It also makes a much more interesting self-defense weapon than the boring old chef knife when an undead hungry zombie or something worse wanders into your kitchen. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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  • Cutting pizzas is super easy with the Pizza and Cheese Knife Oslo+
  • Thanks to its two-handed system and slightly curved blade, the knife slices smoothly through hard crusts
  • SHARP, CURVED BLADE: the rocking cutting motion distributes pressure evenly, allowing you to easily cut through pizza crusts
  • SAFE IN USE: thanks to the two-handed system, your fingers will stay far away from the blade
  • Authentic oak wood handles and a stainless steel blade
  • EXTRA NON-STICK: remains non-stick thanks to BSF
  • This special non-stick method will remain equally strong for the pizza knife's entire lifetime
  • Easily cut up as many pizza slices as you want without anything sticking to the blade
  • The stainless steel of the blade runs all the way through to the handle
  • Also handy for cutting cheese
  • Size: 17.32" L x 1.57" x 1.97"

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