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Viking Axe Pizza Cutter

Viking Axe Pizza Cutter

Viking Axe Pizza Cutter

Unleash your inner warrior and slice up your next piping hot pizza with fearless, brutal savagery using this cool new yet quite Nordic Middle Ages-inspired Viking Axe Pizza Cutter. At your next pizza party or just anytime a pizza lands in front of you that needs to be sliced up, would you rather pull a lame pizza wheel out of the drawer or a battle-ready Viking axe? This handcrafted mini axe has a hefty 440 stainless steel blade that cuts like an ulu knife when you rock it from the rugged ash or rose wood handle. It includes a genuine laminated leather sheath to keep you protected when not in use and can personalized with ancient rune symbols, names, or patterns etched onto the blade. It also makes a handy tool in a pinch or a weapon if a voraciously hungry bear breaks into your home and tries to steal a pizza slice.

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  • Handmade
  • Designed to work like an ulu knife so when you cut the pizza, the toppings stay put with no nasty wheel cleaning
  • It is so smooth to grab the handle and easy to cut pizzas or pastries, and desserts
  • The Blade is adorned with elder futhark runes
  • Blade material: 440 Stainless Steel
  • Handle material: AshWood/Rose Wood with a light burn to show the beautiful grains
  • Genuine Laminated Leather Sheath
  • Can be personalized with runes, names, or various patterns

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