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Alessi Todo - Luxurious Giant Cheese Grater

Alessi Todo - Luxurious Giant Cheese Grater

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Who would have thought that a simple cheese grater could ever be functional object of desire for all to admire when in use or just placed proudly on display? Behold! This cool new Alessi Todo from designer Richard Sapper is the ultimate kitchen tool for grating the finest hard cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano over pasta and doing it in style. This giant cheese and nutmeg grater is crafted from stainless steel with a beautiful wooden handle and has a long cone shaft with a grater on one side that can grate enough cheese in one stroke for one portion. The cheese is then directed down the inside of the smooth steel funnel for precision dispensing over foods. When finished wowing your dinner guests at the table, simply hand wash and leave out for all to enjoy its cheese grater magnificence.

If you need some giant cheese to go with it, Costco sells a 72 pound wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and it also pairs nicely with the equally cool Gigantic Peugeot Paris Prestige Pepper Mill when the need to epically dispense fresh cracked pepper also arises

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Alessi Todo - Luxurious Giant Cheese Grater
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Alessi Todo - Luxurious Giant Cheese Grater
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Alessi Todo - Luxurious Giant Cheese Grater
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Alessi Todo - Luxurious Giant Cheese Grater
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Alessi Todo - Luxurious Giant Cheese Grater
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