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Pizza Roulette Cut and Serve Board

Pizza Roulette Cut and Serve Board

Pizza Roulette Cut and Serve Board

While you really shouldn't play with your food, I don't think there's any rule about gambling over what might be underneath it. Just place a fresh-baked pizza on this cool new Pizza Roulette Cut and Serve Board, use the convenient built-in grooves to make eight perfect slices with a pizza cutter, serve it up to your hungry family and friends, and enjoy watching as each diner grabs a slice to reveal a hidden chore or task to do beneath it. If someone is unlucky, they'll receive a chore like wash the dishes, wipes the counters, clear the table, clean the floor, or take out the trash and if they're lucky, they'll get a good task like trade your chore, have the last slice, or have another slice. It's perfect for tricking your kids into cleaning everything up after dinner with a little team effort all while still having fun and eating pizza. To make it even more fun... hide a ghost pepper on one slice.

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  • With this pizza serving board, you play a round of pizza roulette to decide who does which chore after dinner
  • Just serve your piping-hot pie on the board and cut along the grooves
  • Make after-dinner cleanup a fun team effort
  • Serve a pizza on the roulette board printed with chores
  • When diners take their slice, their task is revealed
  • Materials: bamboo
  • Wash with warm soapy water and dry immediately
  • Includes a pizza dough recipe
  • Made in Alabama, USA
  • Size: 13.5" Diameter x 0.5" Thick

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