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iRobot Dirt Dog Heavy Duty Cleaning Robot

iRobot Dirt Dog Heavy Duty Cleaning Robot

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There's been a new addition to the iRobot family. The iRobot Dirt Dog Heavy Duty Cleaning Robot has been unleashed for your workshop, basement, garage, deck, patio or anywhere else you need industrial strength cleaning power. Compared to the Roomba, the Dirt Dog has a 40% larger capacity waste bin and high-speed 1000 RPM counter-rotating brushes. It has enough power to easily sweep up nuts, bolts, small nails, sawdust, dirt and other small debris (not sure about rodents) and is meant primarily for hard surfaces and shop carpets, not your nice shag. So iRobot now has cleaning bots all over the home. The Roomba is doing the carpets. The Scooba is doing the mopping. The Dirt Dog is outside in the garage. When will the Lawnba be out mowing the grass?

An interesting fact is that Roomba owners tend to name their little robot sweepers like pets, so I guess its fitting that this one is called a Dirt Dog. I'm naming mine "NAILS".

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