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RayCop - Dust Mite Eliminating Anti-Bacterial Vacuum

RayCop - Dust Mite Eliminating Anti-Bacterial Vacuum

RayCop - Dust Mite Eliminating Anti-Bacterial Vacuum

Do you really know who you're sleeping with? I don't mean the person next to you, I mean the millions of tiny dust mites, germs and bacteria hooked onto your mattress, pillows, sheets and bedding, feasting off your dead skin cells. Not only do these miniscule creatures wreak havok with asthma and allergy sufferers, they're disgusting and crawling all over you. There's a powerful new weapon in this war with the microscopic, the RayCop - Dust Mite Eliminating Anti-Bacterial Vacuum.

This unique handheld vacuum uses an 8-watt ultraviolet UV-C sterilizing lamp to utterly kill destroy 99.9% of bacteria and terminate dust mites and germs. A 1/2-hp vacuum with with 2 stage micro allergy filtration sucks up collects their remains and their waste particles to prevent recirculation and it also vibrates at 3600 beats per minute to knock loose the ones that are hooked in, hiding or hanging on tight.

This device is not only great for the home, it's perfect for travellers, bercause who knows who, what was or still is laying next to you in that seemingly innocent bed at night. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

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  • 8-watt sanitizing UV-C sterilizing lamp kills 99.9% of bacteria and helps eradicate dust mites and germs
  • Vibrating pad oscillates at 3,600 beats per minute and assists in the release of dust mites which are hooked into your mattress, pillows and soft furnishings
  • 1/2-hp vacuum with 2 stage micro allergy filtration collects the microscopic particles so they cant be recirculated.

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