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Mr. Sponge - Bow Tie Scrub Sponge Holder

Mr. Sponge - Bow Tie Scrub Sponge Holder

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There's really no good place for a kitchen sink scrubbing sponge to dry out in between uses, but the cool new Mr. Sponge hides it suavely in plain sight. Just pinch a scrub sponge, place it on the clip, and ta da, it's now a clever bow tie for the quite dapper Mr. Sponge sponge holder. It easily attaches to kitchen tiles or down inside the sink itself patiently waiting for the next dirty dish scrubbing soiree.

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Mr. Sponge - Bow Tie Scrub Sponge Holder
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Mr. Sponge - Bow Tie Scrub Sponge Holder
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Mr. Sponge - Bow Tie Scrub Sponge Holder
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Mr. Sponge - Bow Tie Scrub Sponge Holder
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Mr. Sponge - Bow Tie Scrub Sponge Holder
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Mr. Sponge - Bow Tie Scrub Sponge Holder
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Mr. Sponge - Bow Tie Scrub Sponge Holder
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Mr. Sponge - Bow Tie Scrub Sponge Holder
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Mr. Sponge - Bow Tie Scrub Sponge Holder
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