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Llama Desk Duster

Llama Desk Duster

Llama Desk Duster

During this year's spring cleaning, battle dust bunnies with this cool new Llama Desk Duster. Unlike a typical duster that you need to hide away and forget about in some cabinet, this cute llama-shaped duster is designed to be conveniently and decoratively out and about when the need to dust arises. While it may look like it's made from pink llama fur, it's actually made from shaggy dust-collecting polyester microfiber over a long, bendable neck. Hmm, now where's the giraffe neck broom?

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  • Adorable llama duster that doubles as decor for your desk or home
  • Llama-shaped duster has a long, bend-able neck covered in shaggy microfiber yarn
  • Polyester microfiber picks up dust from hard-to-reach spaces
  • Spot clean
  • Size: 10" L

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