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PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer

PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer

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The idea of cleanliness and pigs don't usually seem to go together, but despite the living conditions we force them to live in and their love of rolling around in the mud to stay cool and avoid sunburn, pigs are some of the cleanest and most intelligent animals around... unfortunately for them, they also provide bacon. So after a bacon feast, now you can wash your hands, yet keep that mouth-watering scent of sizzling morning pork on your hands all day with PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer. Hmm, yes this product smells like bacon and kills 99% of germs on your hands, but this bacon fusion thing is officially getting weird.

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PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer
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PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer
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PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer
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PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer
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PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer
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PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer
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PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer
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PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer
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PorkKleen - Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer
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