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Gutter Sense - Rain Gutter Cleaning Tool

Gutter Sense - Rain Gutter Cleaning Tool

Gutter Sense - Rain Gutter Cleaning Tool

It's getting to be about time to begin that spring cleaning around the house. On everyone's list should be getting those rain gutters cleared of leaves and other debris before the rains and spring storms start. There are a couple of problems with gutter cleaning. First, it's a nasty mess to scoop it out with your bare hands and second, it's dangerous to be either hanging off a ladder (especially on a second story) or working along the edge of the roof like that. There's a much better solution, besides paying someone else to do it, called the Gutter Sense - Rain Gutter Cleaning Tool.

The Gutter Sense - rain gutter cleaning tool is basically large polycarbonate tongs that allow you to grab up to 14" of debris from the gutter. Just set it where you need to clean, pull the braided rope and it scoops it up, ready for the trash bag or compost pile, all without getting your hands dirty. You can attach a broom handle or an extension pole to the Gutter Sense or it is also sold together with an optional telescoping steel pole that gives you 4' to 16' of extra reach. A very handy and cool new invention.

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  • Eliminates ladder climbing
  • Your hands never have to touch the mess
  • Two-story usability (additional rope is required for two-story use)
  • Easy adjustment for landscape obstacles
  • Tongs angled for easy access
  • (Optional) Telescoping steel pole gives 4' to 16' of extra reach

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