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Rub-Away Stainless Steel Odor Removing Rubbing Bar

Rub-Away Stainless Steel Odor Removing Rubbing Bar

How often do you avoid cooking with garlic and onions simply because you don't want to deal with your hands smelling like them for days? Soap doesn't work, water doesn't work, nothing but time seems to remove these tough odors, right? Wrong? The Rub-A-Way Stainless Steel Odor Removing Rubbing Bar removes most garlic, onion, fish and other food odors from your hands almost instantly. Simply rub your hands with this ingenious stainless steel bar under running water just like you would a bar of soap, except no soap is needed. I'm not exactly sure how it works, it's not magic, but stainless steel effectively removes odors. Garlic lovers rejoice!

Green Head Cooking Tip:

You can also simply wet and rub your hands/fingertips on a stainless steel sink or faucet. It actually works, try it.

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