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Magnetic Kitchen Towels

Magnetic Kitchen Towels

Magnetic Kitchen Towels

Here's a good idea. A kitchen towel never seems to be where you left it or hung it, but this cool new Full Circle Stick 'em Magnet Kitchen Towel gives you more spots to stash it... on anything metal. This super soft and absorbent bamboo and organic cotton kitchen towel has a handy strong magnet embedded in one corner allowing you to stick it to the oven, the fridge, or any other metal objects. It's machine washable, but whether it sticks to the insides of a washing machine or not are unknown to me. The greatest feature of all though is using it to hang up your kid's terrible drawings on the fridge and then cover them up at the same time.

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  • Built-in strong magnet in one corner sticks to your fridge, oven, or other metal objects
  • Bamboo and organic cotton towel
  • Super soft, absorbent, and durable
  • Machine washable

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