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Vitamix FoodCycler - Turns Food Scraps Into Fertilizer

Vitamix FoodCycler - Turns Food Scraps Into Fertilizer

Vitamix FoodCycler - Turns Food Scraps Into Fertilizer

Cut down on food waste by up to 90% and help your garden grow with this cool new Vitamix FoodCycler. This compact kitchen appliance transforms most food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be added to soil in just hours. Throughout the day, just toss in table scraps, vegetable peels, dairy, chicken bones, fruit cores, and more into the removable waste bucket, which stays odor-free with a carbon filter lid. Then, when full, simply place the bucket into the FoodCycler, press the button, and in 4-8 hours it converts it all into useful soil fertilizer. It's much simpler and quicker than backyard composting, can be run multiple times per day all year long, and the bucket can be placed in the dishwasher afterwards for easy cleanup.

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  • Nutrient-rich fertilizer from food scraps in mere hours
  • Compact food recycling
  • 2L Capacity for most table and refrigerator scraps including fruit cores, vegetable peels, dairy, chicken bones, and more
  • Simply toss your food scraps into the bucket, press the button, and relax
  • Creates a nutrient-rich fertilizer you can add to your soil
  • Carbon filter lid eliminates odors
  • Keep the removable waste bucket under your sink or on your countertop and conveniently fill it with food scraps after every meal
  • Cuts down volume of food waste by up to 90%
  • Easy to Operate with 4-8 hour processing time
  • Breaks down food waste into a tenth of its original volume
  • Run multiple cycles per day, year round, with just the press of a button
  • After each cycle, simply put the removable waste bucket in the dishwasher for easy cleaning
  • Odorless and quiet

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