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Wooden Corn Cutter

Wooden Corn Cutter

Wooden Corn Cutter

You've just cooked corn on the cob, but now what? Sure you could eat it right off the cob like a barbarian or you could use this cool new Wooden Corn Cutter to easily remove the tasty kernels. Just grab a cob and run it down along the stainless steel scraper blade to remove the corn smoothly and uniformly or attach the shredder to make cream style corn as well. Makes a fun and handy addition to any currently overstuffed kitchen gadget drawer, but I guess you could just use a sharp knife as well.

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  • Make both whole kernel or cream style corn
  • Uniformly removes corn from the cob
  • Yields perfect whole kernels when the shredder is removed and scraper is lowered
  • Stainless steel blade that cuts smoothly, uniformly
  • Size: 17" L

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