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Alessi Apostrophe Orange Peeler

Alessi Apostrophe Orange Peeler

Alessi Apostrophe Orange Peeler

The apostrophe not only marks the omission of letters and shows possessiveness in nouns and pronouns, it can also peel citrus fruits with precision too. This cool new Alessi Apostrophe Orange Peeler by designer Gabrielle Chiave is shaped just like the classic punctuation mark except it has a small hook on top that cuts just deep enough into an orange to scrape only the outer peel. Just sink it in and plow your way around the peel to make it simple to remove or use it to carve little patterns and decorations for presentation. This handy kitchen tool is crafted from 18/10 stainless steel with a matte finish and has a bottom-heavy design that keeps it upright when not in use. The best thing about this hefty functional apostrophe is that you'll always know when to use it properly.

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