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Skid Wooden Chef Knives

Skid Wooden Chef Knives

Skid Wooden Chef Knives

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These cool new Skid Wooden Chef Knives from designer Sven Regener are minimalist chef knives that seamlessly forge gorgeous hardwoods with high alloyed carbon steel blades resulting in knives that appear to be made almost entirely out of wood. These stunning, minimalist chef knives are handcrafted in Germany from hardwoods such as Robinia, Walnut, Mahogany, or Wenge and feature an ergonomic handle adapted to the shape of the hand and unique wood grain, making each knife a unique piece. Since they're made from naturally antibacterial hardwoods, don't even think of putting them in the dishwasher - just rinse under running water and put them back proudly on display.


  • Designer: Sven Regener
  • A beautifully designed, ergonomic kitchen knife, made almost completely out of wood
  • Raw Wood Body (Robinia, Walnut, Mahohany or Wenge)
  • High Alloyed Carbon Steel Blade
  • Wood grain makes each knife a unique piece of practical art you'll want to show your friends
  • Ergonomic wooden handle adapted to the shape of the hand
  • Sharpen with leather strap and sandstone
  • Combines gorgeous, minimalist design with fine German craftsmanship
  • Origin: Handmade in Germany
  • Size: 12.3" x 2.2" x 1.1"

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