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Cakedozer - Bulldozing Cake Server

Cakedozer - Bulldozing Cake Server

Cakedozer - Bulldozing Cake Server

Birthday parties or anytime cake and pie will be served tend to be fun times, but not as much if you get stuck slicing and serving up slices of said cake and pie to guests. The solution is this cool new Cakedozer. This ingenious cake server has a miniature bulldozer that pushes a slice onto a plate with just a slide of the thumb. Perfect for birthday parties full of heavy duty construction equipment-loving kids or anyone who loves to shovel endless slices of cake into their mouth. Now they need to invent a backhoe ice cream scoop.

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  • Heavy-duty cake server comes equipped with a small but powerful bulldozer
  • Just push the slider and it will shovel a slice of pie right onto your plate
  • Design by PELEG DESIGN studio
  • Lead designer: Lilach Greenblatt
  • Size: 9.6" x 2.6" x 1.4"

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