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Crystal Prism Lantern

Crystal Prism Lantern

The cool new Crystal Prism Lantern is a crystal hurricane lantern that casts a mesmerizing prismatic color effect no matter whether it's in direct sunlight or with a small candle flickering inside during the evening. It features a unique holographic film between two layers of glass that catches light and splits into a vividly colorful light show and includes a tea light candle. Perfect for romantic mood lighting, relaxing evenings on the patio, tabletop centerpieces, or unique illuminated decor at weddings. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.


  • Crystal prism casts a magical aura day or night
  • In direct sunlight, it's a tall crystal prism, catching the light and splashing it around in vivid colors
  • At night, use a small candle or tea light to create a colorful, holographic light show
  • A single flickering flame becomes a multitude of dancing, shifting rainbows
  • Genuine crystal, stainless steel base, and tea light candle
  • Perfect for romantic mood lighting, patio lighting in the evenings, tabletop centerpieces, or at weddings
  • Size: 7.5" H x 3.5" Diameter

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