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Snowy Mountain Night Light

Snowy Mountain Night Light

Snowy Mountain Night Light

This cool new Snowy Mountain Night Light is a portable little night light in the shape of Mount Fuji with a soft silicone snowcap that illuminates with a soft white light when squeezed or tapped. After a full charge via USB, it can last a week on the brightest setting or a month on the dimmest and has a 30/60 minute timer. Perfect for a baby nursery, kid's bedroom, or just anyone who feels safer sleeping with a night light on.

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  • Light up your child's bedroom with just a squeeze on top of this snowy mountain nightlight
  • The built in white light that will illuminate the room when it's dark
  • A cute, decorative lamp that is in the shape of Mt. Fuji, covered with soft and fresh snow
  • Easily turned on or off with a little squeeze of its snowcap
  • Tabletop light can also be activated by sound
  • Energy-saving mode, for when a dimmer glow will do
  • Help your little adventurer drift off into a dreamland filled with snowy summits and a friendly yeti with this charming mountain-shaped nightlight
  • Portable: No cords are required
  • High quality soft silicone is safe for babies and toddlers, giving them a warm light that leaves fear away
  • Perfect companion for camping, sleepover, pillow talk, and social gathering
  • 30/60 Minute Timer
  • Brightest Light: lasts one week
  • Dimmest Light: lasts one month
  • Recharges in four hours via USB
  • Inspired by the shape of Mt Fuji
  • Size: 5.5" L x 5.5" W x 4" H

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