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Giant Inflatable Zombie Baby

Giant Inflatable Zombie Baby

Giant Inflatable Zombie Baby

This Halloween (or baby shower), terrorize your front lawn and get drivers and passersby to slow down for a horrified double-take with this cool new Giant Inflatable Zombie Baby. Born sideways, this hideous-looking, four foot long fanged baby zombie has seemingly just crawled onto your front yard wearing a camouflage diaper and is looking to raise hell until it finds a huge baby food jar of pureed brains. This disturbing Halloween inflatable has built-in lights so the neighbors can enjoy it all night long and includes ground stakes and ropes to prevent it from flying over the neighborhood during a windstorm, although that might be interesting to witness too.

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  • GOOSH 4FT Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Zombie Baby
  • Built-in LED Lights
  • Made of high strength waterproof polyester
  • Includes stakes and the ropes to secure it down
  • Size: 4 ft

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