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4UCAM Handheld Dancing Daisy Wireless Color Baby Monitor

4UCAM Handheld Dancing Daisy Wireless Color Baby Monitor

4UCAM Handheld Dancing Daisy Wireless Color Baby Monitor

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When is just the sound of you baby sleeping not enough to know if he's okay? Always! Even though we all use the regular audio baby monitors that let you hear each and every movement your child makes, we still still have to peek into the crib from time to time and risk waking the baby. Not anymore, now you can extend your vision!

With the new 4UCAM Handheld Dancing Daisy Wireless Color Baby Monitor, you get to see your child as if you were lying there right there with him on a large portable handheld 2.5" color LCD-TFT with 480 X 234 resolution screen. The 2.4GHz wireless color cameras that keep an eye on your child are uniquely designed bright colorful daisies that sure to blend well with your nursery dcor. The cameras not only provide you with daytime color high-resolution images of your sleeping angel, but they also provide night vision infrared images from up to 16 feet away in total darkness! As an added function, the flexible daisy cam also has a built in night light that can be turned off by touching the flower branch. You can even add additional daisy cameras (sold sparately) for 4 channel multi-angle viewing.

Now you'll always know your baby is safe and secure without having to constantly run up and down those stairs over and over again. Plus, since it's a handheld portable with 330 ft. transmission, it also makes a great outdoor kids-cam for monitoring your children's outdoor play or for general monitoring throughout your home.


  • Easy Setup - Install and use in minutes!
  • Large 2.5" color LCD-TFT with 480 X 234 resolution receiver provides crisp images
  • One Rechargeable Li-battery in receiver for portable monitoring
  • ONE(1) Little Daisy Night Vision Camera (Effective Range: 16 feet)
  • Including one earphone for receiver
  • Built-in microphone in camera and speaker in receiver for audio monitoring
  • Easily connects to a TV, VCR with A/V output on receiver (video cable included)
  • 4 channels 2.4GHz wireless in both camera & monitor to avoid possible interference
  • Channel switch in Monitor support viewing up to 4 cameras
  • Up to 330 ft. transmission distance in open space
  • Available in various colors

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