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Zoombak - GPS Dog Tracking System

Zoombak - GPS Dog Tracking System

Zoombak - GPS Dog Tracking System

The Zoombak - GPS Dog Tracking System is a small, lightweight and water-resistant GPS receiver that easily attaches to your dog's collar. Using Assisted GPS, which utilizes both satellite and cellular network technologies (the same used by emergency services), it can track down your dog's location to within 30'. If he goes missing or leaves a pre-defined safety zone, you will be notified via email or text message and then you can easily track him in real-time using unlimited 24/7 toll-free phone, web maps, email, or text alerts. It even has a continuous tracking feature that provides you with an automatic update of your dog's location every 5 minutes for up to 1 hour and you can also see a location history of where your dog has traveled for the past hour, day or week. The only catch is that it requires a 12-month tracking subscription, but if you've ever lost a dog or had to drive around looking for one or even had one stolen, you know how absolutely invaluable a device and service like this can be.

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  • Assisted GPS - Uses both satellite and cellular technologies to track location with 30'
  • 10 Personalized safety zones (5 active simultaneously)
  • Alerts you when he leaves a defined area via text message or email
  • Unlimited real-time 24/7 support - toll-free phone, web maps, email, or text alerts
  • Continuous tracking feature and 7 day location history
  • Water resistant, small and lightweight
  • Long-life battery (up to 5 days on standby)
  • Durable and secure pouch collar attachment
  • Recommended for dogs over 15 lbs
  • 12-month tracking subscription required

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