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Bushnell Backtrack - Personal GPS Location Finder

Bushnell Backtrack - Personal GPS Location Finder

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You'll never get lost again with the cool new Bushnell Backtrack. This personal keychain-sized location finder marks and stores up to 3 locations that you may need to find again using state-of-the-art digital GPS technology.

For example, you go to Disney World and park in that massive, city-sized parking lot and actually want to be able to find your car again when the park closes. Simply get out of the car, activate the Backtrack and mark the car's exact location. Later on, when it's time to leave, use the Backtrack's built-in self-calibrating digital compass and high sensitivity SiRF Star III GPS reciever to quickly guide you back to your car.

This innovative little devcie is not only a great tool for parking lots, it's also perfect for hunting, hiking, camping, festivals, sporting events, children, the elderly and just about any other outdoor adventure where you will probably get lost. A smart invention, simple solution and a great gift as well.

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