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Beamz - Interactive Laser Music Performance System

Beamz - Interactive Laser Music Performance System

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Have you ever wished you had the talent, discipline and determination to be a great musician? The amazing Beamz - Music Performance System not only transforms you into a brilliant musician, but a performer and composer too with a wave of the hand!

The cool new Beamz - Music Performance System is a unique "W" shaped electronic musical device with six integrated laser beams that lets you play with the light. When each of these laser beams are broken with your hands and fingertips, a range of musical sounds fill the air. You can generate musical notes from a huge variety of instruments - everything from multiple types of strings and keyboards to winds and percussion (including cowbell!) and every note will sound crisp, clear and perfect. You can also choose an accompanying rhythm track from 30 songs in 19 genres from classical to heavy metal using the simple computer interface. A USB cord is included to easily connect it to your computer and a set of speakers. Now you give a really cool and futuristic harmonious performance for your friends, family, on stage, at talent shows, on street corners, in an orchestra or just play alone to express your mood.

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