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Uchiage Hanabi Fireworks Projector

Uchiage Hanabi Fireworks Projector

Uchiage Hanabi Fireworks Projector

Just when you think you've seen everything... The cool new Uchiage Hanabi Fireworks Projector from Sega Toys safely simulates a full-blown fireworks show right inside your home. It uses five projection lenses to launch realistic animated exploding fireworks, complete with sound effects, across your walls and ceiling or you can create your own firework patterns by drawing on special plates. It even tracks the rocket from launch to explosion, so you can watch it just like a real show. It's the perfect gadget to pull out whenever you need to properly celebrate and it could be kind of a fun backdrop in the bedroom too!

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  • 5 projection lenses blast moving and animated exploding fireworks all over your walls and ceiling
  • Tracks the rocket from launch to explosion
  • Full fireworks show, complete with sounds
  • Create your own fireworks by drawing on special plates
  • Lighting: High-brightness LED
  • 5 projection lenses: 4 small, 1 large
  • 9 cartridges for large fireworks - 10 cartridges for small fireworks
  • 1 homemade fireworks sheet: 15 pieces
  • Fireworks sounds (can be turned off)
  • Timer function

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