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X-Fire - Bicycle Laser Lane Marker

X-Fire - Bicycle Laser Lane Marker

X-Fire - Bicycle Laser Lane Marker

If you absolutely must ride your bike on the roads at night, a little bicycle light and reflectors aren't going to give drivers much of a warning before they plow into you, but the cool new X-Fire just might. This innovative device clips to the back of a bicycle seat post and has 2 highly visible red lasers that create instant bike lane markers on either side and behind you, while 5 extremely bright red LEDs in the taillight make you clear and visible, even under headlights and streetlights, for over a mile away. Better yet, just get off the damn roads at night or use the bike paths, because it's dangerous and utterly annoying to licensed vehicles.

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  • Two Highly visible Red Lasers (5mW)
  • Lasers make an instant bike lane for an enjoyable and safe night ride
  • Equipped with 5 extremely bright Red LED's
  • It is clear and visible even under headlights and streetlights over a mile
  • Polycarbonate cover with a universal attachment bracket
  • Weather and Shock Proof
  • Two AAA batteries

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