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SuperNova - LED Light Show Bluetooth Speaker Cube

SuperNova - LED Light Show Bluetooth Speaker Cube

When you blast your music wirelessly to this cool new SuperNova, you'll get a full blown light show extravaganza at the same time. These high tech wireless Bluetooth cube speakers have an array of LEDs and light prisms on top that can magically change patterns and colors to the beat of the music or just on their own as a unique illuminated work of technological art. Check out this VIDEO to see them action.


  • Brilliant light show combined with a powerful Bluetooth speaker system
  • 2 Mode buttons give you control of the pattern and color pallet
  • Each light prism simultaneously transmits, refracts, and projects the LED light below it, creating a mesmerizing light show
  • Auxiliary input for connecting to non-Bluetooth devices (cable included)
  • The light show is independent of the music, so can be enjoyed even when you aren't blasting tunes
  • Output Power: 3 Watts per side
  • Size: 4" x 4" x 6"

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