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Apple iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver

Apple iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver

Apple iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver

The cool new Apple iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver is not only ridiculously small and half the size of the previous version, it now features 4GB of storage and is the first music player that actually speak sto you.

The new VoiceOver technology speaks the name of the song, who's performing it and even gives playlist names too in 14 different languages. To keep the iPod Shuffle tiny, the navigation and volume controls have been moved up to the earbud cord and the switch on the main unit lets you turn it on to shuffle the songs, play them in order or just turn the whole thing off. This iPod Shuffle can be clipped anywhere you want with the forged stainless steel clip and is available only in silver or black.

I really like the simplicity of this player, but when will we finally get an music player with wireless earbuds? I'm so sick of wires.

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