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Wingscapes BirdCam - Motion-Activated Outdoor Wildlife Camera

Wingscapes BirdCam - Motion-Activated Outdoor Wildlife Camera

The cool new Wingscapes BirdCam is a motion-activated and weatherproof digital outdoor wildlife camera that monitors and captures photos and videos of birds at feeders, birdbaths, birdhouses and more. It's the perfect solution for bird lovers who don't have time for bird watching.

Simply attach it where you want to monitor wildlife activity and when its built-in infrared motion-sensor is triggered it begins to take photos, videos or a combination of both. Thankfully, it's able to distinguish between normal outdoor motion and animal motion, so you won't just end up with pictures of swaying trees and rocking bird feeders. It features three operational Modes: Auto, Manual, or Timelapse, has 32 MB of built-in memory that expandable up to 4 GB with an optional SD Card and has a photocell that turns it on at dawn and off at dusk. The photos and video can easily be viewed on any TV or downloaded to a computer for printing, email or sharing with friends.

This seems like an easy solution for watching your favorite feathered friends in action, but I think I would rather use it to spy on squirrels doing goofy things instead.


  • Weatherproof, motion-activated and easy to use
  • Infrared motion-sensor detects wildlife activity
  • Takes digital photos, video or a combination of both
  • Easily viewed on any TV or download to a computer for printing, email and sharing with friends
  • Operational Modes: Auto, Manual, or Timelapse (Remote Control works in all modes)
  • Photocell turns it on at dawn and off at dusk
  • Built-in memory of 32 MB, expandable up to 4 GB, with SD Card (optional)
  • Enjoy and learn about birds, deer, squirrels, and more
  • Takes 4 D batteries
  • Dimensions: 9" H x 3 5/8" D x 5.5" W

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