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Massive Penguin Statue - Stands 6 Feet Tall!

Massive Penguin Statue - Stands 6 Feet Tall!

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The extinct Colossus Penguin stood nearly 7 feet tall and the current tallest living Emperor penguin stands only about 4 feet tall, but now you can have a penguin that is sized just right with this cool new 6 Foot Tall Antarctic King Penguin Statue. While it's not a real penguin from Antarctica, this massive statue sure does look like one... if a penguin was 6 feet tall! It's perfect for epic holiday decorating, placing on the front lawn for the entire neighborhood to enjoy, unusual penguin pranks, a mascot for an ice cream shop, really tying a room together, or just a mega gift for someone who has everything except a gigantic penguin. Each oversized penguin is crafted from quality fiberglass that is reinforced with designer resin and then hand-painted.

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Massive Penguin Statue - Stands 6 Feet Tall!
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Massive Penguin Statue - Stands 6 Feet Tall!
This hands-free, vest-style bird carrier hangs over your shoulders and is constructed of durable mesh fabric that allows good airflow and visibility for your bird.
Massive Penguin Statue - Stands 6 Feet Tall!
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Massive Penguin Statue - Stands 6 Feet Tall!
This whimsical, double-take-inducing porcelain planter from designer Diana Paisis puts an elevated planter on top of yellow duck legs and webbed feet.
Massive Penguin Statue - Stands 6 Feet Tall!
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Massive Penguin Statue - Stands 6 Feet Tall!
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Massive Penguin Statue - Stands 6 Feet Tall!
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Massive Penguin Statue - Stands 6 Feet Tall!
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Massive Penguin Statue - Stands 6 Feet Tall!
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