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Spitting Hippo Head Solid Bronze Pond Statue

Spitting Hippo Head Solid Bronze Pond Statue

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If your home has a pond, large fountain, or other decorative water feature, then check out this cool new Spitting Hippo Head Statue from Design Toscano. This fun, double-take-inducing pond spitter looks like a hippo head has emerged from the water and is spraying dual streams of water out from its nose. The realistic hippo head is made from solid bronze using the lost-wax casting method, is finished with an emerald verde patina, and has a hefty weight to keep it in place. To create the water spitting effect, simply hook it up to an optional pond water pump kit and enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water.

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Spitting Hippo Head Solid Bronze Pond Statue
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Spitting Hippo Head Solid Bronze Pond Statue
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Spitting Hippo Head Solid Bronze Pond Statue
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Spitting Hippo Head Solid Bronze Pond Statue
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Spitting Hippo Head Solid Bronze Pond Statue
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Spitting Hippo Head Solid Bronze Pond Statue
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