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Gigantic Copper Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters

Gigantic Copper Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters

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This holiday season, if your Giant Outdoor Christmas Ornaments need some equally giant company, then check out these cool new Oversized Gingerbread Men Cookie Cutters from Grandin Road. This set of three giant sculptural gingerbread man cookie cutters are constructed from copper-colored flat metal, have flat-bottomed feet to stand upright on display (and keep them from running off), come in three graduated sizes, and are adorned with festive snowflake-shaped greenery and fabric bows. Hmm, I guess you could also stamp out some super-sized gingerbread man cookies too, but only if you can find an oven and a cookie baking sheet that's large enough. Also available in silver.

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Upside-Down Corner Pre-Lit Christmas Tree
Evoking a 12th century Central European tradition of hanging a tree from the ceiling at Christmas, this unique 4' pre-lit fir attaches to your ceiling, allowing more room in less-spacious areas for the placement of furniture or more decorations underneath.
Instant Doorway Garland Hanger
Door garland hanger holds in place by tension and eliminates the need to mar doorframes with nails or screws.
Animated Singing and Dancing Christmas Coal
Simply clap your hands to activate this magical entertaining lump of coal and not only does it sing the song, it moves its mouth and does a funny little dance as well. Don't worry, it's clean coal technology.
Magic Santa Dust
Sprinkle some of this magical sparkling dust outside your house to help Santa and the reindeer help find your home!
Jones Soda Sugar Cookie Soda
This limited edition 12 pack of holiday soda tastes just like a drinkable carbonated sugar cookie - no baking required.
Sequined Santa Necktie
This festive red sparking necktie comes complete with a white beard along the bottom and is perfect for any holiday party or anytime you want to look dashingly dapper this season.
Ultra-Realistic Life-Sized Animatronic Reindeer Statue
This life-sized ultra-realistic animatronic reindeer statue moves its head left and right, opens and closes its mouth, makes sounds, and simulates breathing.
Die Hard Christmas Infant Bodysuit - Now I Have a Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho
Just because you'll be enjoying the holidays watching the classic Christmas movie Die Hard on an endless loop and wearing the quite festive Now I Have a Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho sweatshirt, doesn't mean that your baby can't get in on fun as well.
Holiday Hand Pie Molds - Snowflakes, Mittens, and Christmas Trees
Make miniature pocket pies in the shape of snowflakes, mittens, and Christmas trees filled with your favorite sweet or savory fillings.

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Gigantic Copper Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters
This massive 8 foot tall statue of a male Silverback Gorilla is realistically sculpted, cast in sturdy fiberglass resin, and has a giant outstretched palm for sitting on.
Gigantic Copper Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters
This giant statue of an armored Ankylosaurus dinosaur with a destructive clubbed tail is all curled up, chilled out, and ready to take a snooze on the lawn.
Gigantic Copper Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters
Help others have a terrifying close encounter when you let them discover this life-sized 5 foot tall Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Statue somewhere at night.
Gigantic Copper Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters
A literal double take inducing lifesize statue of a terrifying mad doctor or some sort well-dressed butcher in rubber boots, apron, and gloves with four impossible to focus on evil eyes.
Gigantic Copper Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters
A holiday party just wouldn't be complete without a handsomely dressed Life-Sized Polar Bear Butler serving drinks and appetizers to the guests!
Gigantic Copper Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters
This fun, double-take-inducing bronze pond spitter looks like a hippo head has emerged from the water and is spraying dual streams of water out from its nose.
Gigantic Copper Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters
This life-sized plush reindeer has an animated head that looks around in different directions and plays relaxing instrumental Christmas music in the background.
Gigantic Copper Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters
This Halloween, scream for ice cream and then scream for your life when your fear of clowns doubles with this 7 foot tall animatronic two-headed clown monster.
Gigantic Copper Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters
Nothing says Happy Holidays like a massive 15 foot tall Inflatable Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster of the North completely dominating your front lawn and terrorizing any approaching carolers.

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