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Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue

Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue

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Is your home missing that little something special to complete the decor? Then unleash this cool new Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue into your living room. The massive werewolf from the 1981 movie The Howling was not some teen-friendly wolf boy nonsense, it was one of the most hardcore, terrifying werewolves ever captured on film... yes, calm down, Michael Jackson's Thriller werewolf (actually a cat werewolf) and the one in An American Werewolf in London were also quite monstrous. The good news is that you won't need to visit The Colony to get torn to shreds by one these fanged creatures hunting you down in the foggy woods, but you will have to cough up the proverbial arm and a leg (about $6,400) to be utterly horrified by this towering 7.5 foot reproduction every time you walk into the same room it stands in.

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Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue
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Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue
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Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue
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Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue
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Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue
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Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue
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Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue
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Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue
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Lifesize Howling Werewolf Statue
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