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Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts

Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts

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There were a lot of shocking moments for kids (of all ages) in The Empire Strikes Back way back in 1980, but I remember being more worried about poor C-3PO after being blown to pieces by Stormtroopers on Cloud City than Luke getting his hand cut off, finding out Darth Vader was his father, or him getting stuffed into the guts of a dead TaunTaun. No, C-3PO just exploded in front of me and Ugnaughts were playing catch with his head! Thankfully, Chewbacca arrived just in time to save the parts and then carried a complaining Threepio around in a net on his back for the rest of the movie. Well, now you too can carry a dismantled C-3PO around on your back with these cool new yet from a long time ago Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts. These are just the primary chromed parts needed to make a full droid, but the seller says you can also request the netting, light up eyes, and more for an additional charge or grab a mannequin and construct your own full-sized statue instead. Chewbacca not included.

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Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts
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Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts
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Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts
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Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts
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Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts
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Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts
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Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts
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Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts
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Exploded Life-Size C-3PO Droid Parts
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