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Bat Signal Prop Replica

Bat Signal Prop Replica

Bat Signal Prop Replica

If the forces of evil should once again rise up in your home, office or cubicle, there's no better crimefighting superhero to call upon than the Dark Knight himself, Batman! Simply flip the switch on the cool new Bat Signal Prop Replica and the Caped Crusader will be sure to swoop in once again to save the day. Although this Bat-Signal isn't as powerful enough to reach the clouds high above Gotham City as Commissioner Gordan's can, this metal cased device will be able to project the Bat-Signal about 16 feet onto walls and ceilings. If you're a Batman fan, this is the perfect collectible for your collection. Don't forget to pick up a Batman Shakespeare Bust as well to guard your Bat-Cave and other wonderful toys.

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  • Projects a light-up Bat-Signal an impressive 16 feet
  • metal-encased collectible device with real working lights
  • Swivel feature enables it to pan across the room
  • Includes: certificate of authenticity, a "Guide to the Trophy Room" brochure and 1 replacement bulb
  • 12" H x 2 1/4" W x 9" L

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