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NERF M41A Pulse Blaster from ALIENS

NERF M41A Pulse Blaster from ALIENS

NERF M41A Pulse Blaster from ALIENS

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"I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimeter with over-and-under thirty millimeter pump action grenade launcher." - CPL Dwayne Hicks (ALIENS)

This cool new, year 2179-inspired NERF LMTD M41-A Blaster is the NERF blaster version of the Colonial Marine's standard issue M41A Pulse Rifle from the movie ALIENS. It features a fully-motorized Elite dart blaster on top complete with working electronic ammo counter on the side and realistic film-accurate blasting sounds with every trigger pull and a pump-action Mega dart grenade launcher on the bottom. While blasting away at this Lifesize ALIENS Queen Statue or a Lifesize ALIEN Warrior would be ideal, you can always unleash a barrage of foam darts at your friends running around the backyard pretending to be Xenomorphs instead. However, if you do run out of foam ammo there's no way to NERF nuke them from orbit... yet. Best of all, these Pulse Blasters are perfectly safe to use around primary heat exchangers in the center of an ALIEN hive - no harsh language necessary. PowerLoader sold separately.

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