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Super Mario Bros. Flag

Super Mario Bros. Flag

Super Mario Bros. Flag

Hmm. In the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES, Mario or Luigi had to traverse across a block, coin, and sewer pipe covered Mushroom Kingdom stomping out little Goombas and Koopas that we're seemingly minding their own business in an attempt to take down each world's flag from a pole and then sack the castle. Oddly enough, the flag he took down after conquering each stage had a peace symbol on it which was then replaced with a star flag of his own instead. I guess Mario and Luigi were just flat out conquerors, the inhabitants of this world we're the victims of senseless 8-bit violence, and Bowser was obviously just trying to hide and protect the Princess from these ruthless invading plumbers from the real world. Right!?

Well, we'll probably never know the truth about what really was going on because the victors usually rewrite history, but at least you can restore the Mushroom Kingdom's original symbol of peace from the stage of each world and remember all the innocent flattened and fire-balled Goombas and Koopas when you raise up this cool new Super Mario Bros. Flag. Yep, this is a "lifesize" recreation of the Mushroom Kingdom's official flag and is made from durable, heavyweight polyester, brass grommets for easy hanging, and pixels. Fireworks not included and it's impossible to jump over, so don't waste your time trying.

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