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Phantasm II Sentinel Sphere Christmas Ornament Set

Phantasm II Sentinel Sphere Christmas Ornament Set

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Even though they really make no sense, the Phantasm horror movies are a lot of fun, especially the evil flying metal spheres that guard the Mausoleum by using various blades and drilling attachments to stick into your forehead to suck out your blood and brains. They also look exactly like shiny Christmas ornaments, which is why Paragon FX Group decided to create this cool new Phantasm II Sentinel Sphere Christmas Ornament Set. This set of 4 miniature steel Sentinel Sphere replicas from Phantasm II have welded on steel blades and are topped with festive red ribbon loops for hanging on the Christmas tree. Just pray that the noise you hear in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve is just Santa Claus running from the patrolling Spheres and not The Tall Man coming to take you away in the Hearse! Have you been naughty or nice?... Boy!!! Yep, a full-sized, chromed metal replica of the Sentinel Sphere is also available too.🎄

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Phantasm II Sentinel Sphere Christmas Ornament Set
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Phantasm II Sentinel Sphere Christmas Ornament Set
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Phantasm II Sentinel Sphere Christmas Ornament Set
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Phantasm II Sentinel Sphere Christmas Ornament Set
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Phantasm II Sentinel Sphere Christmas Ornament Set
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Phantasm II Sentinel Sphere Christmas Ornament Set
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Phantasm II Sentinel Sphere Christmas Ornament Set
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