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Star Wars Return of the Jedi Emperor Throne Arm Chair

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Emperor Throne Arm Chair

While not an exact replica of the Emperor Palpatine's majestic throne on the Death Star II in Star Wars Return of the Jedi, this cool new Emperor Throne Arm Chair from Regal Robot is very much inspired by it. Since it took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I'm not certain whether the Emperor's futuristic throne chair would be considered modern or retro design, but this swivel chair version still has a commanding design presence. It features two-tone faux leather in black and rich purple like the original seat, a polished chrome base, and is handcrafted in the USA rather than in an intergalactic Imperial sweatshop filled with overworked Ewoks. Perfect for setting the mood in your office (esp. for power mad senators), in your home theater, the dorky fanboy throne room replica set you built in your garage, or just for anyone contemplating joining the Dark Side of the Force.

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